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Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team

Our teammate, Tami, recently celebrated 40 YEARS with OSS! Yes, you read that correctly…40 YEARS! Tami wears many, many hats in our office and works in multiple areas, including: the Treatment Coordinator Team as our Treatment Coordinator Assistant, our Clinic, Front Desk and Financial Teams.

Tami started with OSS as a “temporary position” until she could get a real job. Her original training was in the check clinic. There would be 2 clinic techs who checked 4 patients at a time!  She has worked in 9 different buildings in 4 northeast Indiana towns over her 40 years.

We recently had a big celebration at the office to celebrate this major milestone!

Her family, including her mom, daughter-in-law and grandchildren joined us for lunch.

I thought it would be fun to ask our teammates to share things they love/appreciate about her and here is what they had to say:

• Tami has a work ethic that is based in the best possible attitude about the team and the roles she plays. She believes that “getting the job done properly and efficiently” is the key to everything that happens in the office. Tami despises wastefulness, whether it be time, materials or talent. She knows that when the job is being done properly and efficiently then the team wins. Tami also knows that because we spend so much of our time working, we should work hard to have fun on the job!

• Tami is a joy to be around and I love working with her! P.S. Her secret homemade popcorn is AMAZING!!!

• I just love working with Tami! She is a hard worker, fun to be around, and she holds me accountable all the time!!! She is my work mom! LOL!

• Tami is always so polite and willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear!

• Tami is full of wisdom. I can recall many conversations when she told me how things were going to go down when I got to specific times/milestones in my life. We now jokingly laugh when she says, “I told you that was going to happen!”. When I go to her and give her a scenario, she offers great wisdom and I almost always do what she suggests. It is so comforting to see how she’s taught in ways that she never knew she was teaching. She is a very sincere person as well. She truly cares about her teammates and goes out of her way to let others know they are loved.

• Tami knows how to do her job and knows how to do it well. I knew that from the moment I walked in the door and started as a clinic tech. From the very beginning of my career with OSS, she was someone that I felt comfortable approaching with questions about the job. She answered my questions with such understanding, empathy and never once did I feel silly asking her those questions.

As you can see, Tami is a mentor, a friend to her teammates and someone that has helped shape OSS into the place it is today. We hope you know how loved and appreciated you are, Tami! Thank you for your dedication to OSS and for the love you show your patients and teammates each day!

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