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Kristy is celebrating 18 YEARS with OSS [she doesn’t look old enough to have been here 18 years does she?]!

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team

Did you know our office has an in-house lab? It’s located in the basement of our Dupont Road office and Kristy is one of our talented lab techs! She designs the most amazing, unique retainers and customizes appliances for our patients.

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Retainers

Kristy is part of our Marketing Team, she decorates all of the cake boxes that we give out when you get your braces off and she also bakes A LOT of cookies each week for our patients! <<< You really love her now, don’t you?! HA!

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team

Kristy is a wife, a busy mom to two children and a dog mom to one. She enjoys playing sports and actually played for an extramural volleyball team until her son was a year old. I asked Kristy if there is anything special that she likes to do for fun. Her answer was, “Weellll…we have small kids. So, our lives pretty much just revolve around that.” HA! If you’re a parent then you can completely relate to that response!

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team

As you can tell, Kristy has a great sense of humor and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She always greets you with a smile and we absolutely LOVE having her as part of our team. Congrats on 18 YEARS with OSS, Kristy! We appreciate you!


  • Pat Coldiron says:

    Kristy is my niece and I think the world of her. She is the greatest mom and wife. All the things that you wrote are very true and I have to say that she is lucky to have people on her side like you. Kristy congrats on 18 years! Love you sweety!

    • Orthodontic Specialty Services says:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. We agree wholeheartedly that Kristy is amazing, and we really are blessed to have her as part of our team.

  • Wendy Nelson says:

    I have known Kristy since High school and she has always been awesome! Love the designs she creates! Congratulations on 18 years Kristy!

  • Kay Bennett says:

    I met Kristy through her husband Phil. I’ve known Phil for a long time! And then found out Kristy was part of the OSS team where my kids go! Kristy is the sweetest person and always there to help me with fundraiser baskets for events I run! Thank you for all you do Kristy!!!

  • Kristy Troxell says:

    Thank you Aunt Pat for those kind words! Love you!!! ❤️

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