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Inspiring Genuine Smiles

Inspiring Genuine Smiles

By May 10, 2017No Comments

Welcome to the first edition of “Ortho-Doc see”. This blog is intended to be a hodgepodge of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. I hope through reading these entries you can find greater joy in your life.

The tag line we use in our office is “Inspiring Genuine Smiles”. The deep impact of inspiring genuine smiles is…when it happens, your life is better. Better how, you may ask? The energy and joy you bring when you know your life is amazing projects to others that something good is happening. When good things happen, people smile. In a nutshell, make yourself a good thing happening, and you will inspire genuine smiles. Smiling people have better lives. Notably, the smile comes before the better life… not because the life is better already.

I recently read a book by EP Seligman PhD titled “Authentic Happiness”. In that book Dr. Seligman gives a great example of his son not wanting to go to bed, and how he put on a frown face and grumped around. Dr. Seligman explained that his son was immediately sent to bed, as it was obvious from his grumpy and sad demeanor that he needed to go to sleep. Dr. Seligman suggested to his son that if he should like to stay up later he should smile, and with good cheer ask “May I please stay up a little longer daddy?”. In a short his son figured out that all manner of behavior could be tolerated by his parents… if he did it with a smile.

The reality is people who smile often live longer, have better relationships, and really are happier than people who are sullen. It is good to be serious, and to work hard, but serious hard work doesn’t have to be done with cold harshness, it’s way better if you do it with a genuine smile.

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