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We are continuing on with our celebration of our team for the American Association of Orthodontists Staff Appreciation Day! Today we are highlighting the financial team within our office.

Our financial team duties are wide ranging and include: all insurance duties (verifications, filing claims, following-up on all claims, etc.), setting-up patient contracts, posting payments, paying bills, processing payroll for our team, working on the office budget, typing work orders for outside procedures, typing treatment resumes to be sent to patients and dentists, transcription of letters for Dr. Ketcham’s exams, creating Kid’s First reports, creating and updating forms and letters in the patient management system, answering the phone when the Front Desk team is swamped, keeping the coffee machine supplied, tracking doctor licensing and membership requirements, month-end statistics, server maintenance, computer troubleshooting, maintaining the postage meter, and even planting flowers and maintenance of the office vehicles!  For the last year, they’ve played an instrumental role in disinfecting the front desk and waiting room areas throughout the day to keep our patients and their families safe.

Phew! That was a lot!

Now let’s meet some of the individual members of the Financial Team now that you have a little insight into their activities.

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team


Team member since 2005. Paula handles many of the “secretarial” duties and works exclusively at our Dupont Road location. She contacts insurance companies to verify benefits for our patients and follows-up on outstanding claims. She also processes a majority of our outgoing correspondence. Paula said her favorite part of her job is sending out the post treatment letters to general dentists, because she get to see the before and after photos. She said it never ceases to amaze her how much of a change happens!

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team


Team member since 2003. Robin is our accounts payable and payroll manager…a fancy way of saying she pays the bills and handles the paychecks for our team. She currently works one day a week at our Dupont Road location. Robin is also Dr. Aron’s biggest supporter! They have been happily married for nearly 30 years.

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team


Team member since 2018. Susan started her career with OSS as a member of the Front Desk Team and has since added the roles as our main TMD Treatment Coordinator and she also verifies insurance benefits and advocates for our TMD patients.  Susan is also the coordinator for the Kids First Craniofacial/Cleft Palate Clinic.

Orthodontic Specialty Services - Dr. Aron Dellinger - Meet the Team


Team member since 1981. You’ve seen Tami’s name and photo already this month, but she wears a lot of hats in our office! Tami works as a part of the Clinic Team, Front Desk Team, Treatment Coordinator Team and also the Financial Team. Tami’s role on the financial team is an important one! She fills in for our financial coordinator when needed. The financial coordinator’s job includes accounts receivable, posting patient payments, and helping set-up patient contracts. Tami also helps with paperwork for the Kids First Clinic.

Our Financial Team works diligently behind-the-scenes to help keep the office running! We appreciate all of the hard work they put in each and every day.

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