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June 2021 COVID-19 Update

By June 25, 2021June 30th, 2022No Comments

As COVID-19 restrictions start to lift, we want to keep you updated on our office’s protocols:

1. We realize that the mask mandate is no longer in place, but as a healthcare facility, we need to request that you wear a mask in the clinic. If you chose to be seated in our reception area, wearing a mask will be optional.

2. Due to our clinic being an open environment, we respectfully request that parents remain seated in the reception area or your vehicle. Please let your clinic tech know if you would like to be present when Dr. Aron checks your child. They will instruct you on the appropriate time to enter the clinic based off the protocols below:

During most 20 to 30 minute check or repair appointments, parents will not be invited to the clinic.

During 30 to 80 minute appointments that do not involve local anesthetic, parents will be invited to the chair only when the doctor is present. During the remainder of the appointment, the parents can remain in the reception area or vehicle.

Procedures involving local anesthetic (i.e. extractions of primary teeth, lasers, temporary anchorage device placements, etc.)  For parents, your presence chairside during these appointments should be dictated by individual patient needs, considering all levels of anxiety, patient age and maturity. We have found that some highly anxious patients do best in the absence of parents. We have also noticed that some feel grounded and secure when a parent is present. We will guide you on what we feel is best.

Many of the appointments involving local anesthetic dovetail with a shorter procedure. Instructions will be given at the completion of the first portion of the appointment. It is encouraged that after instructions are given, the parent return to the car or to the reception area to wait for the completion of the remainder of the appointment.

3. We will continue to take temperatures at the front desk for all patients and anyone remaining inside the building. We will also ask you to use hand sanitizer.

4. Our Starbucks Coffee machine and gaming systems are open and available for you to use. [Note: Currently the gaming systems are only open at our Warsaw location.]

5. We will not be returning the reception area to its prior seating capacity, so for your comfort, it will be best if you limit the number of family members in the office.

6. We continue to ask that you contact us prior to any appointments, if the patient or any family member has COVID symptoms or has tested positive within the last 2 weeks.

Please visit our Coronavirus Page for complete details and more information on all of our COVID-19 protocols. We thank you for your partnership with us as we work to keep your family and our team safe and healthy.

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