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20 Questions with Dr. Aron

By September 3, 2021No Comments

It’s Dr. Aron’s birthday! We started a 20 questions blog series to celebrate teammates’ birthdays and are so excited to share his answers today.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

My dad, Dr. Gene, and my mom, Rosalie, loved fine food and made fancy meals as a regular family event. We spent many evenings around the dinner table with my dad sharing words of wisdom and teaching valuable life lessons. It was a wonderful way to learn!

2. What is your dream vacation?

I love spontaneity, so my dream vacation would be freeform and adventurous. Sports and physical challenges would be intermixed with nature’s beauty and great food. Something like snow skiing from village to village and always ending-up in the most fantastic kitchen at dinner time.

3. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

One food only?! This is too hard! I love all things seafood, so…sushi?

4. Favorite restaurant?

Oh, this one goes back to when I was a kid…I have the fondest memories of Café Johnell. I miss that fine, old restaurant.

5. Favorite movie?

I love the epic long ones like Forrest Gump and Australia. Truth be told… probably Grand Prix with James Garner and Eva Marie Saint is my favorite.

6. Favorite book?

I prefer the non-fiction genre. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell, but my personal favorite is “Outliers”.

7. Biggest pet peeve?

Slow drivers in the left lane

8. As a child, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

A professional racing driver.

9. Beach or mountains?

How about Lake Tahoe…that way you get both!

10. Which celebrity would you love to have over for dinner and why?

The late, great Sean Connery. His true life story sounds almost as interesting as the characters he played on screen.

11. If you could donate $1,000,000 to the charity of your choice what would it be?

My first choice is always our local church. This allows for work to be funded around the world and near home.

12. What is your proudest accomplishment?

Raising two children to be functional adults.

13. What song would you say sums you up?

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman.

14. What hobby makes you the happiest?

I love being physically active. I also love sports that put you into a state of flow (wake surfing, racing cars, snow skiing, tennis). Those are some of my favorites and I can’t pick just one!

15. If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Love, Peace and Kindness- those are always needed.

16. Dogs or cats?

Yes! I love all kinds of animals. We currently have two cats, Al & Jazzy.

17. What’s your most hated chore?

The one that needs to be done right now.

18. Do you have any phobias?

I’m not a fan of poisonous snakes. I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia, but they are scary! [Editor’s note: you need to check out Dr. Aron’s “Travel to Spain” blog post. For someone who doesn’t like snakes, he sure did get close to a BIG poisonous one!]

19. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Being in two places at once or being able to teleport instantly. Something that would help me with my severe case of FOMO.

20. What is your favorite snack/treat?

I have a lot of weaknesses with snack food…I get that from my dad! Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies don’t last long around me.

Thank you so much, Dr. Aron, for taking the time to answer these questions! We hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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